2024 NEWS 48th International Juried Exhibition
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For 50 years, the North East Watercolor Society's mission has been "The Promotion and Preservation of Watercolor Painting"
  • We provide educational opportunities.
  • We arrange exhibition and sales opportunities.
  • We offer support, encouragement and fellowship.

  • Members Exhibition in Orange County, New York
  • Watercolor Demonstration in Orange County, New York
  • International Exhibition in Kent, Connecticut
  • Watercolor Workshop in Sullivan County, New York (near Orange County)

NEWS Members reside in more than 20 States, as well as Canada, Europe and Central America.
New members are always welcome to join!  Please see the "JOIN"  page for a membership application form.

In 1973, the association we know today as the North East Watercolor Society was formed as the Orange County Watercolor Society, with the stated mission of The Promotion and Preservation of Watercolor Painting.”  We hold true to the mission each year through outstanding exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops and other events that benefit our members and the viewing public..
Please see the HISTORY page on this website for more information and remembrances. 

NEWS Executive Board:
PRESIDENT: Janet Campbell
TREASURER: Ellen Trayer
SECRETARY: Valerie Taggart
MEMBER AT LARGE: Caroline Harrow

Newsletter Editor:  Rich VanTieghem
Website Coordinator:  Vacant

NEWS Membership Committee:
Diana Aliberti, Chair
Carole Semolic

NEWS Exhibitions Committee:
Janet Campbell
Lana Privitera
Valerie Taggart
Tom Hedderich, Chair
Kate Hyden, Publicity Chair
Richard VanTieghem
Laura Kohlmann, Awards Chair
Jill Weltman, Luncheon Coordinator
Bob Perkowski, Catalog Producer

NEWS Workshop Committee:
Valerie Taggart, Chair
Janet Campbell

President Emeritus:
Richard Price

Artwork shown in the background of the home page:
"Early Snow" by Richard L. Price


2024 North East Watercolor Society


The Gallery at Kent Art Association, Route 7, South Main St., Kent, CT USA

Exhibition Dates: September 8- September 29, 2024

Entry Period:  Thurs., April 25 - Tues., June 25

Notifications by:  Tues., July 30

Delivery:  Thurs., Sept. 5, 10am-2pm at Kent, CT

Opening Reception and Awards:  Sun., Sept. 8

Closing Luncheon and Pick-up:  Sunday, Sept. 29

Prospectus Link: 2024 Intl Prospectus.pdf

2024 JUROR OF AWARDS:  Susan Hope Fogel AWS:

We are delighted to have engaged Susan Hope Fogel AWS as exhibition juror and workshop teacher. Susan has studied at the NY Academy of Art, the Art Students League, and the National Academy of Design. She had the opportunity to work with Paul Ching-Bor to explore a new form of expression in Deconstructionist Watercolor. She was inspired by the experimental quality of this work which allowed for great freedom of expression, drawing from an intuitive place rather than from the outside world. The focus of her work shifted from traditional realism in oils to large scale watercolor painting with an emphasis on abstraction of landscape and cityscape. 

Susan started her art school, The Warwick Atelier, in 2008 as a forum for creative development. She teaches ongoing classes and has taught workshops in Tuscany, Ireland, Cape Cod and other places. Her work has been discussed in American Artist magazine, also a Special edition of American Artist and Southwest Art magazine.

She has exhibited her work in the NY/NJ/MA region as well as Santa Fe, Italy, and Istanbul. She is a Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society.  Website:

2024 North East Watercolor Society Annual Workshop: 


with Susan Hope Fogel AWS

Zach and Katy by Susan Hope Fogel

Tues.-Thurs., September 3-5, 10a-4p,   $310 Members, $350 Non-Members       

 Mamakating Town Park, Bloomingburg, NY 12721

You will step out of your comfort zone of traditional painting techniques for this workshop. Since the paint is applied by splattering, splashing, pulling, dripping, etc., most of the time your brush will not touch the surface of the painting. Not only will you be breaking rules of watercolor, Susan feels there are no rules when developing a painting in Experimental Watercolor. However, during the workshop she will constantly guide students to create a work of art that is aligned with painting concepts to help create a strong image.

In this workshop students will learn : how to start a painting with deconstruction, compose the painting, develop textural effects through various techniques, and how to finish the painting.

There is no prerequisite for the workshop. Artists need only bring their life experience and passion for painting. 

See full description and registration instructions here: 

2024 NEWS Workshop Description .pdf


Best in Show - "Pumpkin Peak" by Alonzo Clarke


(See “Gallery” Page to view winning paintings)

Best in Show ($500) -  “Pumpkin Peak” - Alonzo Clarke

Elaine M. Garvin Memorial Award ($250) - “Today’s Blooms” - Christine Verga Maday

Excellence Award I ($150) - “Trastevere” - Cindi Handy

Excellence Award II ($150) - “Rainy Morning in the Marsh” - Leslie Waxtel

Excellence Award III ($150) - “Picnic for One” - Lana Privitera

Honorable Mention I ($75) - “Lil Rusty” - Ciro Attardo

Honorable Mention II ($75) - “Sunny Riverside Serenade” - Gina T. Judy



BEST IN SHOW:  “Morning Errands” by Susan Weintraub


  • North East Watercolor Society Award for Best in Show ($1500) – “Morning Errands” by Susan Weintraub 
  • North East Watercolor Society Second Prize Award ($1200) – “Pears and Squares” by Chris Krupinski
  • North East Watercolor Society Third Prize Award ($1000) – “”First Ride!” by Kenneth Call
  • North East Watercolor Society Members Award ($800) – “Leafed Pear” byJanet Laird-Lagassee
  • North East Watercolor Society Excellence Award I ($500) – “Winter King After the Rain” by Kathleen Cea-Gupta 
  • North East Watercolor Society Excellence Award II ($500) – “Transition” by Dorrie Rifkin
  • North East Watercolor Society Excellence Award III ($500) – “Rock Creek” by Z.L. Feng
  • North East Watercolor Society Excellence Award IV ($500) – “Attentive Lashes” by Michael Solovyev
  • Elaine M. Garvin Memorial Award ($500) – Daddy’s Girl” by Nora Winn
  • M. Graham & Co. Award ($400m) – “59th Street Bridge” by Antonio Masi
  • Smile Award in Memory of Harvey Ball ($300) – “Repose” by June Webster
  • Richard L. Price Award ($250) – “Love Glistens” by Roberta Oliver
  • Matilda Grech Memorial Award ($250) – “21st Century Paper Dolls” by Rebecca Krutsinger
  • QoR Artist Watercolors Award ($250m) –“After the Hunt” by Judith Hummer
  • John Pike Memorial Award ($200) – “FASCINATION” by Carolyn Latanision
  • Dick VanTieghem Memorial Award ($200) – “Market Baskets and Jars” by Chito Delos Santos
  • Jack Richeson & Co. Award I ($192m) – “”Vintage Color II” by Cindi Handy
  • Artists in Heaven Award for Realism ($150) – “Bladder Wrack” by Alice Kenny
  • Holbein Artist Materials Award I ($127m) – “The Frenchman” by Robert O’Brien
  • Holbein Artist Materials Award II ($127m) – “House Rules” by Lisa Franklin
  • Ampersand Art Supply Award ($125m) –“Into the Light” by Arthur Gilmore
  • Jack Richeson & Co. Award II ($113m) – “Botanical Cure for the Spring Pandemic” by Roberta Rosenthal
  • Dixon Ticonderoga Arches PaperAward ($104m) – “Deserted DeSoto” by Tom Hedderich
  • Richard Morgan Award for Figure Painting ($100) – “Afternoon Chat” by John Wolff

We take this opportunity to list and thank the many companies, organizations and individuals whose generosity has helped us to maintain the high quality of our exhibitions and activities. We encourage their support and provide these links as a convenient reference to many of the finest people and products in the watercolor/art industry.

Kind Supporters of the 2023 International Exhibition: 

(Click on the company's name to visit their website!)


  • This exhibition of 77 beautiful paintings by 44 member artists was held at SUNY Orange, from Jan. 24 through March 17, 2023.  The reception, 50-year celebration, awards ceremony & demonstration occurred on Feb. 26. The awards judge and demonstrator was Maryann Burton, NEWS.  The award-winning paintings may be viewed on the Gallery page of this website.

The SPRING 2023 "NEWSnotes" Newsletter is now available.  Use the link below to download the newsletter.

2024 Fee Schedule:

  • Annual Member Dues: $40.00 (For those newly joining, please complete a Membership Application found on the "Join" page and email it to in addition to paying the appropriate fees either by mail or through this "Payments" page.)
  • Combined Annual Member Dues ($40) + Members' International Exhibit Entry Fee ($35 for 1 or 2 paintings): $75.00
  • Members' International Exhibit Entry Fee (1 or 2 paintings): $35.00
  • Non-Members' International Exhibit Entry Fee (1 or 2 paintings): $50.00

We offer two easy methods to pay fees:

  • Via PayPal:  Use the PayPal buttons that are provided below.
  • Check Payment sent via Postal Mail:  Refer to the amounts shown above, and mail a check payable to North East Watercolor Society, to:
    NEWS, PO Box 842, Wurtsboro, NY 12790

$40  Annual Membership Dues

$75  for the combination of Annual Membership Dues + 2024 International Exhibit Entry Fee (1 or 2 paintings)

$35  Members' International Exhibit Entry Fee (1 or 2 paintings)

$50  Non-Members' International Exhibit Entry Fee (1 or 2 paintings)

Make a Donation to the North East Watercolor Society Inc.

The North East Watercolor Society (NEWS) is a 501c(3) charitable non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible as far as the IRS allows.

Your monetary donation helps us to provide outstanding educational and exhibition programs.

Donations may be made in honor of a friend or a loved one, and/or may be designated for a new award. Donations may also be designated to provide general support for NEWS.

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Make a Donation to the North East Watercolor Society Inc.

In 1973, the association we know today as the North East Watercolor Society was formed as the Orange County Watercolor Society by Babette Roy of Warwick, NY and Don Selchow, of Monroe, NY under the inspiration of internationally famous Illustrator, teacher and fine artist, John Pike, NA. AWS. The first meeting at Roy’s home included the fifteen charter members, who expressed the aim of the organization: “The Promotion and Preservation of Watercolor Painting.”

The Orange County Watercolor Society first exhibited at the Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame in Goshen, NY with an invitational show which was attended by both Bogimir Bogdonivic, AWS, and John Pike, himself, who made a rare trip from his home in Woodstock, NY.

Membership expanded and in 1976 the Orange County Watercolor Society sponsored its first Juried Exhibition at the Harness Racing Museum. The By-laws were revised and in response to the wider membership, the name of the organization was changed to North East Watercolor Society. The Annual Juried Show expanded the reputation of the organization and the jurors and demonstrators at those shows reads like a “Who’s Who” of American watercolor painters.

CHARTER MEMBERS: Carrie Lou Fisher, Ethel Goldblatt, Matilda Grech, Ingrid Large, Gus Liebman, Jean Needle, Gertrude Ochs, Richard Ochs, Estelle Reger, Gordon Richardson, Babette Roy, Don Selchow, Janice Slocum, Edith Vail and Malcom Yohannan.

PAST PRESIDENTS: Don Selchow (1973-1976), Babette Roy (1977-1983), Ingrid Large (1984-1986),
Joan Ross (1987-1990), Friede Strobl (1991-1992) Malcolm Yohannan (1993-1996), Richard Ochs (1997-2001), Winnie O’Dougherty (2002-2004), Richard Ochs (2005-2006), Richard Price (2006-2022).

We take this opportunity to list and thank the many companies, organizations and individuals whose generosity has helped us to maintain the high quality of our exhibitions and activities. We encourage their support and provide these links as a convenient reference to many of the finest people and products in the watercolor/art industry.

Kind Supporters of the 2023 International Exhibition: 
(Click on the company's name to visit their website!)Become a Sponsor:
  • Please contact us to become a valued sponsor of the North East Watercolor Society and its programs (exhibitions, workshops, and more).
  • Email to:


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Stephen Bluto
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Maryann Burton
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Kathleen Cea-Gupta

Keming Chen
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Ratindra Das
Chito Delos Santos
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Marilyn Ventresca DiChiara
Gary Eckhart
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H. Louise Falardeau
Z. L. Feng
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Rebecca Krutsinger
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Carolyn Latanision
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Liz Jorg Masi
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Patrica Morgan
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Marilyn Rose

Jan Ross
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Ana Sharma (deceased)
DeEtta Silvestro

Natalie Smythe
Mikhail Solovyev
In Son
Bivenne Harvey Staiger
Herb Stanske
Jacquelyn Stein
Robert Steinmetz

E. Jane Stoddard
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Valerie Taggart

Ellen Joyce Trayer
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Susan Weintraub

Jill A. Weltman
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Nora L. Winn
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Judith Adel
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Richard VanTieghem

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NEWS - The Best in Watercolor for over 50 Years!


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- Interact with fellow artists in a social and friendly fellowship for the advancement of watercolor painting.

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- May use the "NEWS" initials after his/her name if desired.
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Note: You must have a painting exhibited in 3 International Juried Exhibitions to be considered for signature membership in the society.

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